Monday, September 26, 2011

The Power Tripper (Pun intended)

With cavalier insouciance,

he altered our flag,

With sheer defiance,

Like a rampant stag,

When we stood rooted in trance,

He stood proudly to brag,

He called us stupid and drunk,

He was on a power trip,

He did a funk,

His mind flipped,

He's so full of spunk,

He's got a shoulder on his chip;

He changes our laws with impunity;

He twists them to suit his ends,

He changes the equation intractably,

While his puppets amend,

We regress inexorably,

While his sycophants commend,

And now the fuel runs out,

snaking queues wend,

No forex about,

there's nothing to spend,

No water spout,

Darkness without end

Nepotistic promotion,

is now the preferred way,

Wealth accumulation,

is the order of the day,

Exorbitant taxation,

Only increases our dismay!

Enough is indeed enough!

The people cry,

The times are tough,

without reason why,

Whilst we're travelling rough,

he's flying in style;

He's succumbed to hubristic gravity,

And ceased to care,

Ignoring negative publicity,

Heightening despair,

Absolute power carries great responsibility,

Let the wielder beware,

He's an asset stripper,

A freedom clipper,

A poison dripper,

A changeling flipper,

A sneaky slipper,

A Jack the Ripper

Hey man....He's a power tripper!

Rafiq Hajat (4th August 2011)

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